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By making your website more search engine friendly, you'll appear higher up the results ranking. And it’s a simple fact of the higher the better. And that’s exactly what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about.

We help websites start working hard for you. Having an online presence was the first step to expanding your services online, now you need to make sure your investment is optimized to get the search results you deserve. Our Search Engine Optimization services are catered to deliver results, no matter the type of business/services your provide.


Local SEO. National SEO. Ecommerce SEO.

Helping our clients see an impressive return from our SEO activity is central to our approach. We’re sensible and don’t go chasing rankings unless there is a clear indication that the extra visibility will have a significant impact on brand or product awareness, raw traffic or sales.

Keyword targeting based on ‘Actuals’:
Rather than taking educated guesses when it comes to optimizing your site we prefer to work from actual keyword success. A ‘find out what’s working and do more of it’ approach. We constantly analyze search data (including PPC if appropriate) to uncover terms that are delivering against objectives. Terms that deliver are made central to the mix.

Optimization of website architecture as priority:
Poorly designed website architecture is a major barrier to achieving the best results with SEO. Improvements can have a big positive effect in search engine rankings and is why here at Request a Web we pay special attention to the specifics of website design and development for all our Cyprus and international customers.


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