Questionnaire for new website building

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    About this product or service...

    1. You already own a domain name or need help in search for a new one?

    2. Can you describe your product / service in a nutshell?

    3. The new site will primarily have B2B or B2C look n 'feel (e.g., is "corporate", "informative", or something else)?

    4. What is the main reason / purpose for creating this website (e.g., sales growth, customer satisfaction, reduce seek time subpages etc.)?

    5. Who are your main competitors?

    6. Is there a desirable way to interact with the visitors (eg, phone, newsletter, contact form, downloadable brochure, etc.)?

    7. Can you describe your target group (age, income, gender, etc.)?

    8. Are you interested mainly to preserve your existing customers or expand to new ones?

    About your aesthetic...

    9. Can you share with us 3 sites that you like a lot?

    10. Which of the following words creatively express your new site? (Informative, humorous, lyric, crystal clear, classic, modern, bright, company, official, weird, scientific, pop)

    11. Do you have any restrictions (or standard) on the use of the logo or your brand?

    12. Can you specify any color of your choice?

    On your site...

    13. How many (and which) languages will the content be presented in?

    14. Will there be an introductory page (movie intro etc)?

    15. What must be definitely contained in the homepage of the new site?

    16. Do you intend to include in the new site multimedia content (video, images, etc.) If so, do you want to embed or they will be hosted by the same site?

    17. Do you intend to use any tools or applications to the new site (e.g. newsletter, polls, quizzes, contests, galleries, slideshows, members, reviews, comments)?

    18. Will there be any products or services for sale online (e-commerce platform)?

    19. Will there be any interface with another system (e.g. ERP, CRM)?

    20. How often will the website be updated and by whom?

    21. Is there any strong preference for specific technology development (open source technology)?

    22. The Data entry will be done by your side or someone from our company will have to do it for you?

    For other services relevant to you...

    23. Do you plan to create a Mobile version of the site or any relevant Application (e.g. android, iPhone etc.)?

    24. Are you looking for any solution with regards to the hosting provider (web hosting provider)?

    25. Do you already have a Facebook fan page (custom)? If not, are you looking to create a certain page?

    26. Are you interested to promote your products through a Facebook application or to focus on social media integration?

    27. Are you interested in a targeted digital MKT service (e.g. improving your visibility in search engines, check the company's profile on social networking platforms, etc.)?

    28. Do you have any other general or special need that is of concern to you?

    About the payment method...

    29. What is your budget for the services listed above?

    30. Are you interested in additional discounts in case the payment is made in cash?

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    Τhe questionnaire:

    We have divided the questionnaire into different sections to ensure that it will help us gather as much information as possible
    What do you do? – Something about your business
    What should we do? – Purpose of website
    What do your customers want?
    What do you like? – Creative Update

    Please feel free to add any information you feel is relevant. Completion of this questionnaire is important for us in order to better understand your exact needs.

    If you have any questions or comments when completing the questionnaire please contact us @ [email protected]