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Target Group

Gambling portals, Poker portals.
Gamblers, users

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Why Gamblers are important?

We are just interested in merchants…
We have to think about it again…

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What could attract a merchant ?

Good price – Good product – Good support
Users Demand

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For a merchant, the most valuable
part in his/her business is the end-user.
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The end-user is the one who will
contribute to the profit, hence,
happy users definitely leads to profit
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If we make an assumption that our product is perfect, our price and support is awesome.
What’s the last that we have to think about?
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The demand from the users.
How we can achieve that?
How we will be able to get into the user’s point of view?

Brand awareness

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How we can achieve brand awareness?
Proper advertisement is the solution.

What type of advertisement?
i.e. TV, Radio, Magazines, Out door, Internet e.t.c.

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We can answer this question by asking the following.
What type of a product we have?

Physical or Digital?
So the way we have to follow is the Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has many channels in order to be implemented.
Following you can find a list of those I believe are more appropriate for our case.

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Can be achieved by optimizing the content of the website, daily updates of the content and most importantly use fresh content daily.

Can be achieved by purchasing ads and keywords in search engines.

Social Media Marketing
Can be achieved by a combination of actions. Advertising, posting daily into the fan page and distribution into groups.

Campaign Marketing
Can be achieved by raising simple competitions. It can be distributed through social media and direct the users into the sites.

Content marketing
One of the most important part nowadays. It can be achieved by hiring copywriters for several languages as each Country is targeted in a different way.

Email Marketing
If there is an email list available which includes possible merchants, then using newsletters is the solution.

Landing pages
Attracting users and sending them directly into the website may not be a good idea. A user who visits the website for the first time from an advertisement he/she expect to see something straight to the point and understand what is about without the need of go through the whole website. Landing pages are used to guide the user about your product/service with short messages and specifically visualization.

Analysis of the current digital appearance

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Social Media

Facebook: there are 2 pages, why? One with 14 likes and the other one with 3 likes.
Paysafe has 1,130,752 likes.
Twitter: Just 1 Follower
Paysafe: 79.4 K Followers

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Mobile site

I suggest a different version of the site just for mobiles.
Showing only the most important parts.
Most users nowadays are using mobiles.
Paysafe doesn’t have mobile site as well.

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Google Analytics

Sessions: 6.043
Users: 3.961
Pageviews: 9.374
Bounce Rate: 65.70%
20.67% has visited the site from mobile

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By performing the query you get only 8 links as a result;
4 of them are of the which they shouldn’t appear in the search results.
Paysafe returns 105 results.

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Branding Mistakes

I have noticed that your partners are modifying your logo and then using it as their logo.

i.e. paykassa

This can lead to user’s confusions. Your brand should remain clear in order to achieve the brand awareness.

The logo should be used by your partners as it is. They shouldn’t be able to change it.


Banner advertisement
Through websites that deal with betting and poker.
Social Media advertisement
• Facebook groups (find and become member)
• Facebook ads (sponsored posts, sponsored page, sponsored website ads)
• Facebook page (promote and post daily)
Create daily content in a blog
Create threads in forums
Campaigns to give gifts (vouchers)
Landing Pages (Each campaign needs an associate landing page)
and so on….

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Recommended Budget & Timeline

Month Actions Outcome
December Review the website and update where appropriate
Build mobile version of the site
Create Blog
Setup/Update Facebook page
Create Facebook profile
Join Facebook Groups
Setup/Update Twitter
SEO for website
Complete professional presentation
All ready to start user’s brain storming for brand awareness.
January Start working on content marketing
Create article bank
Campaign Planning
Design of the banners for each targeted country
Daily posts to social media and blog
Start Advertising in Social Media and Google (SEM)
Traffic should start increasing and
paykasa becomes a known option for some users
February Setup a Campaign. 10 vouchers for the winners
Daily posts to social media and blog
Continue advertising in Social Media and Google (SEM)
Significant increase to traffic and users are looking for paykasa
March Analysis and adaptions where is needed.
Daily posting to social media and blog
Continue advertising in Social Media and Google (SEM)
Up to this point a significant number of users
are aware of paykasa and they should start asking for paykasa in the portals
April Daily posts to social media and blog
Continue advertising in Social Media and Google (SEM)
Traffic is increasing,
social media presence is rapidly increasing
May Daily posts to social media and blog
Continue advertising in Social Media and Google (SEM)
Analysis and report for the outcome.
Merchants are looking to implement paykasa into their portals.

€18000 for 6 months

I am confident that the ROI will be completed before the end of the 6 months.
Please note that the advertisement is an ongoing procedure which should never stop.
Even when you will get your target outcome you should continue advertising.