11 Twitter Resources To Spice Up Your WordPress Blog

By 09/05/2014 CSS
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Twitter is not a fritter of time! Twitter is the fastest growing social application in the world, and is a powerful tool to help out your website. This is true only if you implement it properly. The World wide web is a veritable resource for twitter tutorials, but to ensure you do not get mired with too much data we have compiled a list of tutorial that can help you get started and running! Are you ready?

1. Building your Social Home

Social media

Many of us have a facebook page. Many of us also have a twitter page. Many of us have a flickr page. Do you have a web identity? If you thought any of the above were the answers, then you are mistaken. A web identity must be unique, and help others to know you. The best way? To integrate your twitter, facebook, flickr etc in to this page so that you can still kill time on social networking sites while your own website gets updated! It will teach you how to integrate these social identities in to a single webpage.

2. Creating a RSS feed

RSS feed

RSS is another blogging tool that is commonly associated with blogs. We all know that to run a successful blog, you need to spend gazillon amount of time in updating it. RSS is also known for its tedious installation and maintenance steps. But What if you could do the same in 10 minutes? Sounds enticing and implausible but it is completely pragmatic. Here is another tutorial that can help you setup a RSS feed using Twitter micro blogging engine. The tutorial will help you combine Twitter Search, Atom feeds, hash-tags and PHP in to your Twitter client to setup a live RSS feed!

3. A very own Twitter Website

Twitter Website

Why would you want a very own twitter website that is not on twitter? The answer for this simple question is convoluted. Twitter offers very little JavaScript widget hence on your Twitter API you will get only HTML. With the world gearing up to confront the Web 2.0 revolution, you need to make sure that your Twitter Page is not anachronistic. This tutorial shows you how to design a unique website for your Twitter updates.

4. From Website to Twitter

twitter send message

The world is circular and for this Copernicus was chastised. If your website isn’t in resonance with your twitter account, then you might not be that far away from Copernicus. It is a very simple tutorial and will take you less than 5 min to set it up. Make sure you don’t end up like Copernicus.

5. Multiple Twitter feeds in a Website

Multiple Twitter feeds

The whole point of networking is to get you out of your cloister and the best way to show that is to support each other Twitter feeds: Follow them, Retweet their feed and Reply to their feeds. The tutorial will help you set up other user feeds on your website so that the world will know who to follow and who not to.

6. Add Twitter to your Blog

twitter to wp blog

Capital Punishment is inhumane and so is having a blog that is not followed on twitter. It is analogous to hanging your blog. The tutorial should not take you more than 5 minutes to execute it, so be humane and do it.

7. Sync Google Calender to Twitter

google_calendar twitter

We are all need to make sense of each other’s life and twitter is the easiest way to keep in touch with each other. Here is tool that allows you to modify your google calender with twitter messages and that too as a sms.

8. Lighter Twitter

twit updates

The secret ingredient behind Twitter’s success is simplicity. If you want to add a Twitter feed on to your website, emulate its features by using this tutorial instead of installing an addon which can only complicate things.

9. A Custom Twitter Badge

Custom Twitter Badge

If Twitter does not suit your theme of your website; you can amend it to suit your tastes.

Source: http://trainque.com/blog/2007/06/03/a-resizable-css-based-twitter-site-badge/

10. Chirrup


Chirrup helps to pull twitter comments across any platform. It lets you display all of the references from Twitter on a given webpage. It achieves this by only adding a Javascript snippet. Chirrup is a PHP/Javascript program that has to be hosted locally. However it requires tiny Javascript to work on any page. Thanks to Chirrup now any static HTML page can now have a Twitter-based commenting system. This opens up doors for opportunities for sites wanting to tap into Twitter.

11. IntenseDebate: Another Comment System


IntenseDebate is one of the best 3rd-party commenting systems available on the web. It is famous for its features which include threaded comments, user system and rating, excellent design and ease of installation. However one of the best features of IntenseDebate is the ability to notify Twitter when you’ve made a comment. This feature basically helps to showcase the commenter what he’s blabbering about online and also gives the originating site some more attention on Twitter.


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